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Cutwork 2 Instructions 
Download instructions in PDF_format

Hoop your fabric tightly in the smallest possible hoop. Use a fabric that has a good stability and is not too soft. It works best, when the fabric is starched. Attach your hoop to the machine and start to embroider. After the machine has stopped for the first color-change, take the hoop out of the machine. Do not unhoop the fabric. 

Lay the hoop on a flat surface, onto a cardbord. Take an Exacta-knife and cut out the holes. Do not cut too close to the seam, leave about 1 mm of fabric. 


Cut a piece of heavy, water-soluble backing large enough to cover the design. Put it on the backside of the hoop.
Turn the hoop again to the frontside and pin the Water-soluble backing securely to the hooped fabric. Then attach the hoop again to your machine, change the thread-color and finish the embroidery.
Now you have a wonderful, clean cutwork-embroidery!

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